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Eliminating The Slice In Golf

Golf is an extremely relaxing sport to play. That being said, if you have hit a brick wall when it comes to the level of your game play, it can become extremely frustrating.

One of the main things that many new golfers have a problem with is that they are consistently slicing the ball. If a player is slicing a ball, then they are going to have trouble with accuracy, but they are also going to find that they are not able to get the distance on their drives.

If you are slicing the ball in golf, then there are a few things that you can do to help eliminate it. Grip is one of the common reasons why golfers slice the ball. If your grip is not secure and consistent throughout the swing, then your grip will shift out of balance. When you actually connect the ball with the club, the angle of the club will not be correct and this can cause a slice. Keep a steady grip to avoid slicing the ball.

Another common mistake that people make is that they do not have a consistent stance. They swing smoothly until the point they hit the ball. At this point, they try and put all of their strength behind the drive. If you don’t have a consistent stance, then the swing accuracy will suffer. You will be breaking your stance just before you make contact with the ball and this is what will cause the slice. So, next time you play, focus on keeping a stable stance throughout the swing.

If you can not pinpoint the part of your swing that is causing the slice, then take shots slower. You might find that your grip or stance changes just before you hit the ball. Maybe your shoulders move to early before you strike the ball? Once you pinpoint the issue, you can take action to ensure you eliminate the slice.

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